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5 Times We Wanted to Copy Harry Styles’s Statement Making Style

People · 6h ago

Which babetastic rock ‘n roller makes us want to put on a singular dangle earring and a sweater vest? Harry Styles, of course. He has been able to put his delicious star power into the art of dressing, and single-handedly popularize several bold trends.

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Margaret Qualley Isn't Afraid To Dive In

12 h ago

Margaret Qualley is among the vanishingly few people in Hollywood who can credibly wield the word “gosh.” Jimmy Stewart’s favorite interjection resounds through her sentences like a slingshot, going hand in hand with her soft North Carolina twang and sweet manner. She is one of an even smaller number of actresses who could take the prompt “You’re having an argument with your hand” and make it make sense. That was just one of the things Spike Jonze asked Qualley to do when she auditioned for a Kenzo perfume campaign he was directing. The clip subverts your typical fragrance ad: A glamorous woman in a green gown walks the halls of an architectural landmark. Then there’s a glitch in the Matrix. She starts going manic, flailing like a velociraptor, shooting laser beams from her hands like a sci-fi heroine racing into intergalactic battle and, yes, fighting with her own extremities.

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14 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands For All

Fashion · 1d ago

The binary concept of clothing feels outdated within the confines of an otherwise groundbreaking industry like fashion. Queer and trans people of color have been subverting gender norms for decades, and the mainstream is finally catching up—high-profile celebs like Harry Styles wearing a gown or Billie Eilish sporting oversized streetwear is a sign of progress and gives others the confidence to throw away gender norms.